Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here I am hanging out in Chamonix enjoying alpine sport routes under the Brevant lift. This particular route the Fin Du Babylon 6c (5.10+) began with a 4,000 foot tram ride to a 20 minute downhill walk to access this well equipped 8 pitch route which we began at 2:00 in the afternoon while enjoying a live band jamming from the mid station you see in the background. You literally top out at the top station and simply ride the lift down to the valley where fine cuisine awaits! This is just one of the many amazing activities one can enjoy while in this Alpine Disney World of Chamonix, France.

So I slept in the next day as well (recovering from jet-lag mind you) and literally have a couple thousand sport climbs to choose from down valley in the Val D' Arve. I love pulling down on Limestone sport routes especially in the forest on a hot day. Top it off with a little ice cream and beers and voilla another amazing day in Chamonix.

I am using today to catch up on some computer work, logistics and rest. It's a bit overwhelming to plan the next day here with so many world class objectives. I am drooling over the Contamine route on the South face of the Ag. du Midi. It achieves my objective to get some altitude as well as splitter orange granite. Imagine being in the States and riding a lift to the top of the Diamond on Longs peak, rapping the face and climbing back to the lift, now that's civilized!

My guiding work starts in two days and I am getting fired up to get up on the Blanc, once again! Stay tuned for more notes from the Alps.....


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