Monday, May 2, 2011

Haute Route and Berner Oberland with North West Mountain School

I recently got in from two amazing weeks of ski guiding in Switzerland.  I helped North West Mountain School's John Race with a 7 day Haute route skiing the Verbier variation from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland.  We experienced blue bird days for six of the seven days as we skied through the most amazing terrain along the spine of the Swiss alps.  Each day has it's cols and glaciers to cross and each night  has it's stews and pasta to replenish our calorie deficit bodies. 

The following is a photo essay of our ski journey in the stunning Swiss Alps!

  We had a stellar last day from Vignettes hut into Zermatt over 20 K, 3 beautiful passes and a magical mystery tour descent through broken glaciers under the iconic Matterhorn!  What more could one ask for?  Panache for sure But how about hoping on a train and hightailing it to Interlocking to start another amazing tour in the high alps!  I had another great opportunity to guide a group in the Berner Oberland with North West Mountain school.  We enjoyed 6 days ski touring  in the huge terrain the Berner has to offer.  Here are some of the  choice images from this paradise on skis!!